Self-Portrait with Parallel Mirror, 2021

NFT has been collected.

Over the past ten years, LaTurbo has created an extensive collection of performative self-portraiture within video games and other virtual environments. In 2019, they passed a proposal to create a mirror as an addition to the Unicode emoji table, and in turn introduced a public social sculpture that can be viewed by any unicode-compatible device as U+1FA9E. SELF-PORTRAIT WITH PARALLEL MIRROR invites viewers into this personal techno mythology, and to contemplate the object held by its avatar creator.

The full resolution .TIF file (8000px x 10000px), is delivered to the first recipient of this work. It is authorized to be printed once, and will be verified by the artist as a single-edition. The .TIF file may be retained but not used for further reproductions. As the owner of this work, stewardship and protection of this original file is trusted you. Do not lose it, it cannot be replaced.

SELF-PORTRAIT WITH PARALLEL MIRROR is part of the digital group show THE ARTIST IS ONLINE. Digital Paintings and Sculpture in a virtual world on view at KÖNIG GALERIE in Decentraland (36.100).