Fortune Teller, 2019

projection installation, 2019

Featured in the 2019 Christie’s Art + Tech Summit. Click here to learn more.

TRANSFER is pleased to announce a special presentation at Christie’s Rockefeller Plaza in conjunction with their ART + TECH Summit on AI from June 25–28, 2019.

TRANSFER Download is an immersive exhibition format showcasing simulation artworks, including virtual reality, video games, algorithmic art, video and experimental media. This selection of artworks curated for Christie’s ART + TECH Summit presents a critical response to AI, and the ideologies of Silicon Valley that are driving its development. The exclusion of non-conforming bodies, the problematic indexing and categorization of values, and the obfuscation of labor are all issues amplified by the emergence of artificial intelligence.

The widespread emergence of artificial intelligence has produced a context in which our world is increasingly automated, calling into question fundamental aspects of the human condition.

The artists in this selection interrogate the boundaries between freedom and agency, alienation and belonging, and labor and automated workforces to reveal the politics of power and social stratification at play. Together, the works reveal the implications of the limited ‘Artificial Intelligence’ increasingly shaping our world today, and offer alternative ideas about the nature of intelligence.


Featured Artists: LaTurbo Avedon, Claudia Hart, Lawrence Lek, Eva Papamargariti, Theo Triantafyllidis, Alan Warburton.