Panther Modern – Curator. 2014 –

Super Modern Art Museum: Safari – co-curator. May 2013



Somerset House, virtual artist in residence. 2016-2017


Recent Speaking/Lecture:

The Real Fake – Conversations at the Edge – School of the Art Institute, Chicago. Oct 2017

Mutek Festival – Club Rothko and Somerset House, Nocturnal City

Me, Myself and My Avatar – Mapping Festival, Geneva. May 2017

Spring Diary – SITUATIONS  – Fotomuseum Winterthur. May 2017


Solo Exhibitions:

Sunset at Mt. Gox – Webspace Gallery. March 2014

New Sculpt – TRANSFER Gallery, New York. Jul 2013

Club Rothko – Gallery Online. March 2013


Select Group Exhibitions:

VIRTUAL NORMALITY – MdbK Leipzig. Jan 2018

Transfer DOWNLOAD – Chronus Art Center, Shanghai. Nov 2017 – Jan 2018

Cyber Corporealities – SCAG – Vienna. Sept 2017

The Garden of Virtual Utopias – Art Night 2017 – London. Jul 2017

TRANSFER DOWNLOAD – HeK – Basel. Jun 2017

Online All Summer – LACDA – Los Angeles. Jun 2017

Nocturnal City – Somerset House – London. Mar 2017

Still Be Here – Hatsune Miku – Barbican Center – London. Feb 2017

Ways of Something – DREAMLANDS – The Whitney Museum. Oct 2016

TRANSFER DOWNLOAD – The Current Museum – New York. Oct. 2016

Die Welt Ohne Uns – HMVK – Dortmund, Germany. Oct 2016

GIPHY and Rhizome – LOOP DREAMS – New York City. Oct 2016

Schizoid Cyberia – Gossamer Fog – London, England. Sept 2016

TRANSFER Download – Minnesota Street Project – San Francisco, California. Jul 2016

Still Be Here, Hatsune Miku – Donaufestival –  Krems an der Donau, Austria. Apr 2016

Me Myself and I – Museum Villa Rot – Burgrieden, Germany. Mar 2016

Nuevas Realidades – Espacio Fundación Telefónica – Lima, Peru. Mar 2016

Still Be Here, Hatsune Miku – Transmediale 2016 – Berlin, Germany. Feb 2016

Ghosting TV Benefit Jam – Los Angeles, California. Jan 2016

The Wrong: Digital Art Biennale 2015 – International. Nov 2015

EGO UPDATE: The Future of Digital Identity – NRW Forum – Düsseldorf, Germany Sept 2015.

Newman Festival  – Druskininkai, Lithuania. July 2015

ON/OFF: Virtual Art in Real Life – Art Association – Jackson Hole, Wyoming. May 2015

Are You Still There? – Museum Angewandtekunst – Frankfurt, Germany.
Apr 2015

Across Voices – CICA Museum – Gimpo, South Korea. Mar 2015

Transmediale 2015 – Berlin, Germany. Jan 2015

I Thought You Were the Real Thing – Athens, Greece. Jan 2014

VIA Festival 2014 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Oct 2014

Exhibition Kickstarter – Ditch Projects – Springfield, Oregon. Oct 2014

Ways of Something – Debut Screening – Transfer Gallery – NYC. Sept 2014

GIF Free For All – The 4th Computer Art Congress in Rio de Janeiro. Sept 2014

BYOB – Geneva, Switzerland. May 2014

Codame Adopt An Artist Showcase, Autodesk Gallery – San Francisco. April 2014

Scenic Atrium – Feb 2014

Club Rothko – Neverland Space. Jan 2014

Crazy, Sexy, Cool – Montreal, Québec. Dec 2013
Super Modern Art Museum + Monaddigital: HACKTIST – Hangzhou. Dec 2013

Young Internet Based Artists – The Wrong Biennale – International. Nov 2013

Diesel Reboot Paris – Galeries Lafayette – Paris, France. Oct 2013

VIA Festival 2013 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Oct 2013

YOUR BANNER HERE – Fach & Asendorf Gallery. Sept 2013

La fongâterie – Comme le plaisir d’offrir – Marseille, France. Sept 2013

MON3Y.US – Online. Sept 2013

Ctrl + Paste – New Low Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. Sept 2013

Technoromanticism – Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago, Illinois. Sept 2013

Codame + Defcon Hacking Conference – Las Vegas, Nevada. Aug 2013

Super Modern Art Museum: Dulce – Caracas, Venezuela. Jul 2013

!!!ACCUMULATOR!!! – Gallery 1965 – Vancouver, British Columbia. Jun 2013

Kein Thema 23 – Nuremberg, Germany. May 2013

MoMA – Pop Rally: Abstract Currents – New York. Apr 2013

Rigid Bodies – Chicago, Illinois Mar 2013

Super Modern Art Museum: Cupcake – New York. Feb 2013

When Analog Was Periodical – Berlin, Germany. Feb 2013

Speed Show: TRANSFER3D – Wrocław, Poland. Nov 2012


LaTurbo Avedon is an avatar and artist originating in virtual space. Their work emphasizes the practice of nonphysical identity and authorship. Many of the works can be described as research into dimensions, deconstructions, and the explosion of forms, exploring topics of virtual authorship and the physicality of the Internet.

They curate and design Panther Modern, a a file-based exhibition space that encourages artists to create site-specific installations for the internet.

LaTurbo’s process of character creation continues through gaming, performance and exhibitions. Their work has appeared internationally, including TRANSFER Gallery (New York), Transmediale (Berlin), Haus der elektronischen Künste (Basel), The Whitney Museum (New York), HMVK (Dortmund), Barbican Center (London), and Galeries Lafayette (Paris).


Selected Press:

keen on Magazine – Curator Lindsay Howard in conversation with LaTurbo Avedon

The Economist 1843 Magazine Feature: “LaTurbo Avedon – the artist in the internet”

Cosplay vs. | AND/OR as Digital Art – Jon Cates

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The Creators Project – Create Your Own Net-Art GIFs with the Club Rothko Builder

NOO ART – interview with LaTurbo Avedon

Kill Screen Daily – “The Unreal World and Work of LaTurbo Avedon”,
Feature by Miriam Naziripour

Daniel Rourke – New Sculpt [PDF]

ANIMAL NYC – Virtual Artist Will Sell Physical Artwork for Bitcoin

ANIMAL NYC – Artist’s Notebook: LaTurbo Avedon

The Creators Project – What Kind of Art Does an Avatar Make?

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