LaTurbo Avedon
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Remember Angelfire?

A series of 25 TWICE GOODNIGHT posters were made to celebrate the first episode. 12 x 18" printed on heavyweight stock. Now available in the Web Shop!

Guest Presentation: OUTSIDE. Fear and Wonder Part II - An Expedition through the Landscapes of Fiction at SCI Arc Los Angeles

On Friday, June 7th, the second installment of SCI-Arc’s Fear and Wonder Symposium will be held on campus in Keck Auditorium.

That our perception of the world is largely shaped through mediums of fiction is the conceit central to Fear and Wonder II: An Expedition through the Landscapes of Fiction. Organized by SCI-Arc EDGE Fiction and Entertainment Coordinator and Design Faculty Liam Young, the symposium will join an ensemble of directors, concept artists, video game designers, and storytellers for an expedition through an atlas of imaginary worlds, fictional cities, and speculative geographies.


Guest Presentation: From Here We Dream Sublime. MediaLive at BMoCA
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art presents the 7th annual MediaLive, a new media festival bringing together art, technology, and digital culture. MediaLive consists of a month-long exhibition of media installations as well as digital performances, workshops, and events by contemporary artists and thinkers working internationally in media art. MediaLive also serves as the Arts Track for Boulder Startup Week, an event that brings together technologists from across the US.



Participating artists: Anna Ridler, Kristoffer Ørum, LaTurbo Avedon, Michael Mandiberg, Petra Cortright, Rosemary Lee, Sarah Schorr, Sebastian Lütgert a.k.a. Robert Luxemburg, Winnie Soon.
Curated by: Magdalena Tyżlik-Carver

[LAYERS, COMPOSITES] Artist talk, Screenshots Symposium
Kunsthall Aahrus, 8 March 2019

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