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Fortune Teller (Installation view), 2019
Fortune Teller (Installation view), 2019

AFTER YOU: The Afterlife in the Age of Social Media. Lecture at the 2019 PAF Olomouc Festival of Animation and Contemporary Art

Guest speaker at the 2019 Virtual Beings Summit, Los Angeles

In addition, ID (2015) will be on view as part of the Virtual Beings exhibition, hosted by TRANSFER.


Eternity Be Kind - Collaboration with Myriam Bleau
Performed live at LEV Festival Madrid

NO BODY BUT ME - Guest Presentation, Avatar & Actor Conference

Is This Form Correct? 2019.


Listen to my visit to the Flux Podcast with Alice Lloyd George.

Fortune Teller will be featured as part of the 2019 Christie's Art + Tech Summit in New York City from June 25-28. The 2019 Art+Tech Summit: The A.I. Revolution, held in conjunction with Christie’s Education and presented by Hyundai, will explore the ways in which artificial intelligence is making its impact in the art world, as well as addressing its potential implications for the future. Convening top tech minds and innovators from Google, M.I.T. Technology Review, the New Museum and more, the Summit will offer a comprehensive programme of lectures, talks and panel discussions on a topic transforming the global landscape.

Guest Presentation: MAKING MY WAY DOWNTOWN. Software for Artists Day 5, Pioneer Works Brooklyn

Software for Artists Day (S4AD) is a conference that aims to connect communities of artists, technologists, and activists through talks demonstrating expressive and often contentious relationships with emerging technologies. S4AD is a two-day gathering featuring presentations by Eva Papamargariti, ann haeyoung, LaTurbo Avedon, Francis Tseng, Lauren Huret, Dan Taeyoung and Janus Rose — individuals responding to technological assimilation and ubiquity in ways that underscore it’s duality as a tool for repression and as a space for self-realization. The program will end with sound performances by Sarah Viviana Valdez. A public soapbox session will allow attendees to ask questions or highlight ongoing projects in order to find collaborators and build community. Collectively, we will seek to co-opt, critique, and disassemble a burgeoning digital colonialism through language, sound, and creative projects.

All presentations and activities will take place on the ground floor of Pioneer Works, which is wheelchair accessible. Bathrooms on the ground floor are wheelchair accessible. Real-time captioning in English will be available throughout the scheduled presentations, not during workshops.


Leo Shaw, Willa Köerner, Lai Yi Ohlsen


Ann Haeyoung, Francis Tseng, Lauren Huret, LaTurbo Avedon, Janus Rose, Eva Papamargariti, Dan Taeyoung, Sarah Viviana Valdez


Guest Presentation: OUTSIDE. Fear and Wonder Part II - An Expedition through the Landscapes of Fiction at SCI Arc Los Angeles

On Friday, June 7th, the second installment of SCI-Arc’s Fear and Wonder Symposium will be held on campus in Keck Auditorium.

That our perception of the world is largely shaped through mediums of fiction is the conceit central to Fear and Wonder II: An Expedition through the Landscapes of Fiction. Organized by SCI-Arc EDGE Fiction and Entertainment Coordinator and Design Faculty Liam Young, the symposium will join an ensemble of directors, concept artists, video game designers, and storytellers for an expedition through an atlas of imaginary worlds, fictional cities, and speculative geographies.


Guest Presentation: From Here We Dream Sublime. MediaLive at BMoCA
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art presents the 7th annual MediaLive, a new media festival bringing together art, technology, and digital culture. MediaLive consists of a month-long exhibition of media installations as well as digital performances, workshops, and events by contemporary artists and thinkers working internationally in media art. MediaLive also serves as the Arts Track for Boulder Startup Week, an event that brings together technologists from across the US.



Participating artists: Anna Ridler, Kristoffer Ørum, LaTurbo Avedon, Michael Mandiberg, Petra Cortright, Rosemary Lee, Sarah Schorr, Sebastian Lütgert a.k.a. Robert Luxemburg, Winnie Soon.
Curated by: Magdalena Tyżlik-Carver

[LAYERS, COMPOSITES] Artist talk, Screenshots Symposium
Kunsthall Aahrus, 8 March 201


A series of 25 TWICE GOODNIGHT posters were made to celebrate the first episode. 12 x 18" printed on heavyweight stock. Now available in the Web Shop!


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